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Position open within the Chair of Biotechnology of CentraleSupélec, located in the European Centre for Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB), in Pomacle (20 km from Reims).

The aim of the Chair of Biotechnology of CentraleSupélec is to develop biotechnological approaches to meet major societal challenges such as improving the quality of food, the use of biobased materials, the development of low-carbon processes, etc., in order to limit society's carbon footprint and improve the quality of life of citizens. To achieve these ambitious objectives, the Chair deploys the concept of a digital twin applied to the biorefinery. This concept has been proven in cutting-edge fields such as aeronautics. It combines micro-experimentation (and associated instrumentation), which generates a lot of data, and modelling, including machine learning, in order to understand/predict/design processes. These processes are then realised and validated on a pilot scale in our technical hall before being deployed in industry.
It is with these objectives in mind that it was renewed in 2020. This renewal is accompanied by a substantial increase in power, of which this job opening is a part. This growth will be the occasion for several recruitments, the acquisition of remarkable scientific equipment and investment in shared computing resources.

In collaboration with the LGPM scientific teams, within the modelling team (illustration of the work in Fig. 1), the research engineer will participate in the deployment of the digital twin project in the Chair's areas of expertise: bioprocesses, separative techniques and biobased materials. The Chair is heavily involved in instrumentation (innovation and joint use of several sensors), which generates a lot of data. In order to analyse all the data collected in interaction with our predictive models, we wish to develop skills in statistics, machine learning and AI. These skills are also crucial to approach simulation in complex situations and to work on the convergence between predictive simulation and AI.

Holder of an engineering degree or doctorate or equivalent level attested by professional experience, candidate must:

  • Have a good knowledge of applied mathematics,
  • Master at least one scientific programming language (Matlab, R, Python...),
  • Have good collaborative work skills,
  • Have a good level in English,
  • Have an interest or even knowledge in the Chair's disciplinary and application fields,

Additionnal skills desired:

  • Artificial intelligence: Machine learning, Deep learning
  • Data science
  • Data visualization

The position is open within a dynamic and growing team. It includes people with a real diversity and complementarity of approaches (applied mathematics, machine learning, modelling in bioprocess engineering, numerical fluid mechanics, coupled heat/matter transfer, etc.). The person recruited will be surrounded by other PhDs and engineers who will be able to contribute their know-how as well as benefit from his or her own. Finally, the Chair of Biotechnology is made up of a young, multicultural team that offers many scientific and human opportunities.

The position is open within the European Centre for Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB), which hosts the Chair of Biotechnology: CEBB - 3, rue des Rouges Terres 51110 Pomacle
Travel to the CentraleSupélec site at Gif-sur-Yvette will be required.
Salary will be determined according to the candidate's experience.

Application letters of application, together with a curriculum vitae and, at the candidate's discretion, letters of recommendation, should be sent by e-mail only to the two contacts listed below.

Prof. Patrick PERRÉ,
Director of the Chair of Biotechnology,
LGPM, CentraleSupélec
Tél. : + 33 6 42 61 24 18

Head of Modelling team
LGPM, CentraleSupélec