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In the Nuclear Technology Department (DTN), the TECNA project (sodium (NA) TEChnologies) is responsible for conducting studies related to sodium risks management for the development of future Sodium Fast Reactors. Within this context, investigating sodium spray fires is a major issue for safety purpose and facility design. The sodium jet fragmentation resulting from a leak generates a population of sodium droplets. These droplets will play a crucial role in the phenomenons that drive the rate of sodium combustion in the air. This combustion, in turn, leads to an increase of temperature and pressure in the building and produces sodium combustion aerosols.

In this context, the CEA develops a new numerical tool to perform simulations of sodium spray fires. This tool is based on the canoP code. Canop is a library designed for solving computational fluid dynamics problems using a cell-based Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) approach and parallel calculation.