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The study of many complex geological phenomena lies in understanding the rocks of the lithosphere and their evolution over time. The underlying mechanisms (deformation mechanisms, recrystallization, grain growth, phase transformations and more generally diffusional mechanisms) take place at the microstructure scale and transcend materials in the sense that they are common to many classes of materials (rocks, ice, metals). It is in this multidisciplinary context that GéoAzur at UCA/OCA - UMR 7239 and CEMEF de MINES ParisTech - UMR 7635 have been working together for 4 years to form a transversal team of researchers and resources at the service of this topic to provide innovative digital solutions in order to understand these phenomena.
The proposed thesis is part of this process of developing digital material in the service of modeling in geology. The main idea is to improve and add new physical mechanisms to the existing numerical framework. These physical mechanisms lie at the intersection of mechanics, chemistry and heat transfer. In this project, the main developments are mainly related to the mechanics and the diffusion phenomena of chemical species.
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