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The engineer will work in the context of the Work Package “mesh generation” of the MICROCARD European project. He or she will develop powerful open source tools for parallel mesh generation in order to generate the very large and detailed meshes (~10e12 elements) of cardiac tissue that partners will need to simulate cardiac electrophysiology on models with micrometer resolution. These tools will be part of the simulation platform able to exploit future exascale computers that will be developed by all the European partners.

More especially, starting from the data segmented by one of the project partner (voxels labeled as vessels, myocyte, fibroblast…), this person will develop robust tools for:

  1. Building tetrahedral meshes from 3D image voxels;
  2. Data filtering and cleaning;
  3. Explicit discretization of cellular domains by isovalue discretization and mesh improvement and adaptation (implementation within the parallel open source remesher ParMmg and the sequential remesher Mmg).

We are looking for someone with at least a master degree level, who enjoy designing algorithms, imagining, developing and combining codes to find robust and reusable solutions to complex problems.