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Ingénieur HPC en intégration de lois de comportement mécanique sur GPU

The CEA/DES, in collaboration with Maison de la simulation, develops advanced simulation tools in nonlinear solid mechanics.

The stage of integration of the laws of mechanical behavior has a strong impact on the robustness and the calculational time of these codes. It is also a major obstacle for the design of massively parallel nonlinear mechanical codes. We observe up to 80% of the computational time, in certain cases of complex constitutive laws, in particular on simulations of crystalline plasticity based on the dynamics of the dislocations carried out with the code AMITEX_FFTP.

The open-source code generator MFront, co-developed by the CEA and EDF, is dedicated to the implementation of these behavior laws. Recently, the MGIS project has been developed to simplify the integration of MFront in many solvers and to propose efficient data structures.

The MFront/MGIS couple is used by a large community of academics and industrialists in many fields that go far beyond the nuclear field. More information about these projects can be found on their respective websites and on their ResearchGate pages.