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In the context of a joint team between Airbus C R & T, Cerfacs and Inria a 24 months posdoc position is available in Toulouse (France).

The partners of the Concace joint project, namely Airbus C R & T - Cerfacs and Inria, have been studying and developing Krylov subspace solvers and associated software packages for the past few years for the parallel solution of large systems of linear equations. In this work, we will be interested in the solution of long sequences of symmetric non-Hermitian problems arising for instance from the solution of the Helmholtz equation in heterogeneous media in the context of a sensitivity or parametric study. A key numerical component to ensure the robustness and the efficiency of these numerical methods is the so-called preconditioner, whose definition requires some a priori knowledge on the properties of the linear system or of the underlying problem. Classical approaches consist in exploiting this algebraic or analytic information. In this work, we intend to investigate how machine learning techniques could be used to improve a prescribed preconditioner or to fully learn one.

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This 24 month position is planned to start on October 1st, 2022 at the very latest.