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We look for computer science/engineering students passionate for coding, for a 6 months internship at Laboratory of Mechanics Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec/Université Paris-Saclay.

The aim of this internship is to create preprocessing and postprocessing codebases crucial to conducting physics-based simulations of earthquakes with the open-source HPC code SEM3D ( This is carried out in the context of the EASYRISKresearch spinoff project , funded by SATT Paris-Saclay, to push academic research tools into the catastrophe modelling and risk assessment market.

Project Outiline:

In order to enable users to benefit from the simulation codebase SEM3D and utilize a streamlined workflow between different underlying components, the internship focuses on the developement of a suite of Python codes to handle heterogeneous data (time-histories from different data repositories, large temporal snapshots of the numerical solution), to generate simulation inputs for SEM3D (seismic fault digital models, complex meshes including topography and geology) and to curate its outputs for subsequent risk assessment tasks (statistical tools adopted by the insurance companies). There are phase one versions of these codes written in Python or Matlab that will be utilized as the starting point, which needs to be extended further. We are looking for motivated students ready to follows the “coding best practices” to create usable codebases that can be reused, revamped, and extended in future. The candidate should envisages future use cases and improve upon the existing codes and comes up with new solution techniques.

Skills required: python, BigData mining, dask/NoSQL, HPC (CPU/GPU)