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Postdoctoral Position (36 months) at CELIA
Bordeaux University, France
Funded by CEA/DAM
Title: Design of ICF Targets for Energy Production - TARANIS Project


  • 2022: A significant achievement was the first controlled fusion reaction with an energy gain at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) using Indirect Drive.
  • Dynamics: There is significant national and European commitment to fusion research.
  • TARANIS Project: Launched in 2024 by Thales and supported by the BPI France project call. The project is in collaboration with scientific partners such as CEA/DAM, CELIA, LULI, and CPHT.


  • To design Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) targets for energy production.
  • To contribute to the development specifications for a new laser facility for ICF experiments utilizing direct drive.


  • Calibration and improvement of existing simulation tools at CELIA.
  • Development of a semi-analytical approach for ignition and gain using these simulation tools.
  • Exploration of Artificial Intelligence applications to enhance the robustness of ICF targets.


  • Simulations: Use of CELIA's multidimensional radiative hydrodynamic simulation codes.
  • AI: Implementation of optimization tools, including Artificial Neural Networks and Autoencoders.

Candidate Profile

  • Education: PhD in physics (knowledge in plasma physics is a plus) or in applied mathematics (with a strong interest in physics).
  • Experience: Demonstrated expertise in scientific computing codes.


  • The position is located in Talence, near Bordeaux, France, within the IFCIA team at the CELIA laboratory.
  • The role will be under the supervision of J.-L. Feugeas, M. Bardon, D. Raffestin, V. Tikhonchuk.