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This Junior Professorship aims at recruiting a high-level scientist on the theme of the institute. It is open to four host laboratories in order to strength the ability of candidates to conduct interdisciplinary research.

This Chair in Mechanics, Innovation and Interfaces is part of this strategy. Its main aim will be to strengthen interactions between mechanics and the fields of health, energy and the environment. Aix-Marseille University's mechanical engineering laboratories have developed new skills to meet current societal challenges, particularly in the fields of health, biology, environment and energy. Several of these laboratories have included hospital staff, and there are numerous partnerships with the socio-economic world. This dynamic has recently been strengthened by the creation of the Institute 'Mechanics and Engineering' to promote interdisciplinarity in research and training. This Chair is fully in line with this strategy. It will enable us to recruit a young, high-quality scientist to develop a new line of research built around strong skills in Mechanics and Engineering and with a societal focus.
Understanding the mechanisms of deformation, movement and transfer in fluids and solids is just as important for designing an aircraft as it is for analyzing the atmosphere or the movement of a bacterium. Current scientific questions require the development of new knowledge, models and associated resolution methods, as well as innovative diagnostics that will enable us to tackle the complex, multidisciplinary problems posed by industry and related scientific fields (geosciences, life sciences, environment, health, energy, etc.). The person recruited will lead a scientific project in which he/she will develop new skills in mechanics and engineering to overcome scientific and/or technological barriers in fields such as biology-health, the environment or energy. This research will be carried out in an interdisciplinary context.

A financial environment of 250keuros will support this teanure track position.